May 3, 2014

Goodbye 27 You Have Been Suicidal

I think I was just feeling a little worried that it stole my focus the moment I turned 27. As a huge fan of iconic rock star like Jimmy Hendrix and the disturbed genius no other king of grudge Kurt Cobain. I got into this perspective that when I reach this age I will be expecting struggles in life.

Must have been influenced by my idols but somehow I can relate some of my struggles to them. Yes some moments were hard and full with hindrance. It's quite hard to imagine how I was able to juggle all those random messed up stuffs.

There were moments that I whispered to my self is this really my down fall?. When doubts filled my mind and the capabilities that I can't do. Since all that you done in order to reach certain level of your plans were just diminished in an instant.

I was breathing hard after each piece of my plans were slowly falling into different consequences. The agony the rippled on my thoughts, crushed my emotions into shattered bits. The unexpected just happened and I didn't know what hit me.

As I reflect on the things that I have done. There were true remorse that I found out, Why I was careless about it? I was merely selfish and impractical about the decision that I made before. And now I am paying the price.

There was no doubt I was in suicidal state because of confusions and complicated thoughts. As I try to grab and familiarize all the scenarios to come up with possibilities that I can prepare for. To outwit and outlast this storm takes balls and fortitude both mentally and physically.

As I tried to understand why all these things happened I realized they happened for a reason. What you did on the past has something to do on what will happen in the future. This makes sense as things are connected to everything. You can't just rely on luck alone for it's a sweet lie.

27 you have been suicidal and I am glad I surpassed you. I your curse and other bad lucks would be gone as I peel off my self from you. Now as I gain momentum I will make sure I will enjoy my journey.

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March 9, 2014

Government anyone?

It's such pity to see people who are homeless, who sleep on the dark corners of the street, nothing but just thin clothes to protect them from the cold night. Watching them crushed my inner feelings at the same time created grudges.

If only I could do something about it, If only I could make their lives easier so that they can appreciate living. I guess I could only whisper on my mind and take a deep sigh before I continue to walk.

Knowing that this street children together with their parents are battling a more extreme survival dilemma than other ordinary people. Trying to eat 3 times a day is really a tough challenge for them, especially if the family is composed of more than 3 kids.

What certain actions that the government has done to it's citizens? I don't even see any feeding programs at all. I could not stand witnessing kids eating leftovers early in the morning for breakfast. Some of them would rather sleep since their's no food to suffice their hunger.

While the government is so busy with other issues, unfortunate people are ignored and set aside. They pay their taxes everyday with their hard earned labor work. Yes you heard that right they people pay taxes! even if they are just earning 50-100 pesos a day. The food and other needs they purchase are taxable and that's a main proof that they are paying.

This is a sick reality and quite obvious not to be noticed. A simple logic that Sen: Chiz Escudero said.

  "Lahat ng mga nagnakaw ng milyon o bilyon sa pamahalaan nasa ospital, iyong mganagnakaw ng cellphone at wallet, nasa kulungan"

Translation: All those who stole millions or billions from the government are in the hospital, those who stole cellphone and wallet are in jail.

Isn't it ironic right? Did you see the huge gap or difference of justice? I bet it's understandable how things are done at the moment.

February 9, 2014

Ferrari 458 Italia Spotted in Banilad Town Center(BTC)

It was a fine day when I decided to purchase a bread in Pan De Manila at Banilad Town Center(BTC). The weather was not hot and it was cloudy. So I a walk in the street would be the best thing to do. When I arrived at Dimsum Break I just noticed one my favorite sports car.

Ferrari 458 Italia Spotted at Banilad Town Center Cebu

February 2, 2014

3 Useful Things About Facebook

People and netizen nowadays are hooked up with Facebook. It's reality at the moment that almost all people have Facebook accounts. So why do people create such account?

  • Store And Upload Pictures - You can upload and share your pictures online. Since Facebook is now the biggest image hosting company. Over billions of pictures are being hosted and uploaded.
  • Upload and Share Your Videos - With so much applications now a days people are sharing and uploading their videos. Some of the videos are funny and some are also informative kind of agenda.
  • Entertain Your Self - A lot of games and applications that Facebook is having. Some of them are quite entertaining and fun to play. You can play with your friends also and keep the interaction with them.

January 15, 2014

Things To Do And Be Aware During Sinulog

One of the most celebrated festivals in the Philippines would be Sinulog. And a lot of things you should prepare if you want to enjoy it. One of it would be preparing physically and faithfully. Don't forget to light a candle in Basilica del Santo NiƱo and say your prayers.

Before you go out crazy over the street party because a lot of things that will be there to entertain us. This things might be considered for safety purposes:

  • Wear Shoes  - Let's face it and lets be practical about it this one. Expect the streets to be crowded during day time. So wearing shoes would be the best thing to do since random accidents like someone would stomped your feet. Shoes would protect your feet at the same time giving it comfort. Especially during night time when the streets are getting wet and wild due to the parties happening everywhere.

  • Bring Extra Clothes - Bringing extra clothes is really a necessity when it comes to Sinulog. Rain or shine you need to bring extra. And yes you are attending a party but not that casual type. You are attending a city party were in the entire city of cebu is attending. So bring some extra clothes for hygiene purposes just in case you will be sweating badly. Or in worse cases some random drunk dude would puke on you.

  • Bring Extra Pocket Money - Practically the purposes of this one would be for emergency reasons. Since you can never tell the things that might happen so it would be better to be prepared.

  • Walky Talky - Sounds new right? actually it's not but this would be the best and effective way to communicate to others. If you will rely on your cellphone to contact your friends forget about it. Networks would be busy and your messages would arrive at their inbox with no ETA. Although you can use your tablets and login to facebook or other social media to contact people. But then again your a first target to those people who have bad intentions on your gadgets.

  • Bring a camera - I did say above that you will be the target of those culprits that would have interest on your gadgets. But at least we should be very careful of our things and don't just leave them unattended. Having a camera during this occasion would be the best thing to have since you can capture memories. Pictures and videos would be the best thing you can retrieve after the party is over.

And the best thing to remember is to enjoy the celebration!

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January 4, 2014

Google Maps Street View Update - Walk on other countries streets in an instant

Some new changes and features of Google maps had been implemented. One of them would be the street view of a certain location you want to check. Want to know how? since it's really cool and you can travel to other places in an instant.

As soon as the map loads it gave me command options on my left screen: (Please see pic below)

  • The zoom in and zoom out button -  This command allows you to zoom in and zoom out the current map that you are viewing. And it's quite useful when you want to see the overview of a certain place. You can zoom out a certain location when you want to look at things more wider.  While the zoom in allows you to focus and increase it's function. It allows you to zoom in to a specific location when you want to know a certain street or address.
  • Yellow Peg man - You can drag the yellow peg man on the current location you want to gain a street view. If you do this this will give you a street view result(please see pic below).

A street view from Paris France in front is the famous Eiffel Tower
Now you can go to those favorite places you want by just typing the address and search it on Google. Take a walk and be able to see the places you have not seen. 

But it only works for limited countries at the moment. Some places/countries haven't had this street view, I think Google is still having an ongoing development for this. So that other countries can have a street view feature just like others.